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Toraldo Classica Nespresso* compatible

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The Toraldo Classica Espresso is a harmonious blend of 60% fine Arabica and 40% strong Robusta beans, carefully selected from the best growing regions in Brazil and Central America. This careful selection is the key to an espresso that will enchant your taste buds.

With a dark roast, the Toraldo Classica Espresso offers a rich and intense aroma. The high Robusta content gives this coffee a strong and full-bodied character that strikes the perfect balance between strength and taste. Every cup of Classica Espresso is a taste experience that awakens the senses and provides energy for the day.

The beans for this espresso are roasted with passion and expertise to bring out the best flavors and nuances. The Toraldo Classica Espresso is ideal for preparing espressos, Americanos and cappuccinos and will impress you with its intense taste and delicious crema.

Enjoy every sip of Toraldo Classica Espresso and let yourself be pampered by the powerful and full flavor explosion that this blend has to offer. Discover the magic of a carefully balanced coffee composition that takes your coffee enjoyment to a new level.

* the trademark is neither the property of Caffè Toraldo Srl nor of any companies affiliated with it


* the trademark is neither the property of Caffè Toraldo Srl nor of any companies affiliated with it

Number of capsules
Mixture: 60% Arabica/40% Robusta
Aroma: Chocolatey, nutty
Nespresso* capsules
Device: Nespresso* compatible
Caffeine content: Little caffeine
Region: Campania (Naples)
Roasting level: Dark
Low acid: Yes


Coffee per capsule


Product of Naples

Italian production.
An artisanal knowledge that is carefully preserved and passed on from generation to generation. It is supported by the best raw materials and technologies. Neapolitan espresso coffee is proudly “Made in Italy”.

Highest quality

Our premium beans are carefully grown on the best coffee farms worldwide and undergo a sophisticated harvesting and processing process. Quality begins in cultivation, where careful care, optimal soil conditions and climate come together to produce beans with an intense taste and aroma.

Travel together

Coffee production takes place in Naples - a fascinating combination of tradition and passion that reflects the soul of this wonderful city. Naples, famous for its rich coffee culture, has developed a unique approach to coffee production over the centuries.

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