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What is truffle?

The truffle is a hypogeum mushroom born underground that grows next to the roots of some tree species such as oak, hazel, poplar, linden, very common in Italy. Thanks to mycorrhiza, also known as a tiny network of filaments, the truffle and its host plant enter into a symbiotic relationship that allows an intensive exchange of water, nutrients and mineral salts. Reproduction occurs through spores, which, once they have fallen to the ground, bring new specimens to life.

From a structural point of view, each truffle consists of an external surface called "Peridium" , which can be smooth or wrinkled depending on the variety, and an internal part called "Gleba" , which, depending on the variety of truffle, has different colors and more or less obvious - sometimes even white - veins may have.

There are different types of truffles in nature. The five most important are:

- the white truffle, also called “Trifola”.

- the precious black truffle, also called “Nero di Norcia”.

- the Bianchetto truffle

- the black summer truffle, also called scorzone

- the black uncinato truffle, also called autumn truffle

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Depending on the season, all five of the world's most important truffle species are available fresh in our store. Of course exclusively from Italy.

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Where is the truffle hunted?

Truffles can be found in open areas, for example in forests, in pine forests, on field and roadsides; but also in controlled areas called “Tartufaie”, that is, countries where certain types of mycorrhizal plants are planted.

Who hunts truffles?

Truffle hunters are specialized collectors with regular permits who, with the help of trained dogs and a special tool called "vanghino" or "vanghetto" , are able to identify and extract the truffles from the ground.

To ensure that the underground fungus is reborn, truffle hunters must follow the advice of national and regional regulations.


Wash thoroughly with cold water and a special brush. The fresh truffle must always be stored in the refrigerator, wrapped in dry, absorbent paper in a sealed glass container.

The maximum storage period for fresh truffles depends heavily on the type, size and seasonality.

Winter and summer blacks are drier and hardier and will last up to 1 month in the fridge, while whites and bianchettos, as
They are rich in water and spoil more quickly - max. 7/10 days in the fridge-

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